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February 2014

Simple Sessions 2014

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 510 Views

Massive airs, extremely technical tricks and innovation are what made the Simple Session 2014 contest a huge hit.  Sponsored by Red Bull and hosted in Tallinn, Estonia, the competition brought out a field of international BMX park riders and had them one-upping each other on a beautifully-design course that was built exclusively for this event.

Video: This is Sam Reynolds

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 508 Views

All-around UK ripper Sam Reynolds shows us that he's a multi-disciplinary rider that can smash corners and style the loftiest gaps, regardless of the type of bike he's on.

A Feel Good Bike Recovery Story

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 615 Views

Here is a feel good bike recovery story that we don't hear too often from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. A local rider has recently been reunited with his 2009 Specialized SX Trail that was stolen more than 3 years ago when he lived in Vancouver. To see the full article, click here. It's always good to see riders in the mountain bike community looking out for one another!

Video: MTB Racing in a Mall

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 520 Views

You don't often see mountain bikers riding through malls, but Red Bull created an event in Prague, Czech Republic called the Arkady DownMall 2014 that brought riders indoors to race down escalators, around tight corners, through whoop sections, and over a really large finish line gap jump.  The size of the crowd at the event is impressive enough, but have a look at the video and see the remarkable tricks the riders pulled on the very narrow course that didn’t leave much room for error.

Video: Wink Grant - Reel Time

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 677 Views

Rupert Walker is at it again and showcasing some top talent coming from Canada's West Coast.  Riding a mix of Vancouver-area and California dirt jumps, Wink Grant represents the Great White North with some incredible flow and a good variety of technical tricks.  Sit back, relax, and start to feel jealous that you’re not the one out on the dry and sunny trails today.

Video: Rheeder and van Steenbergen - Afterhours

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 491 Views

Have a look at Mind Spark Cinemas'latest edit of Trek team rider Tom van Steenbergen and Brett Rheeder at Ray’s Indoor Bike Park.  Rheeder shows us that he’s back at full strength after sustaining a season-ending injury last summer, and Tom gets creative aboard his new Trek Ticket DJ bike.  Enjoy.

2014 Shimano Zee Hydraulic Disc Brakes

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 546 Views

The Shimano Zee hydraulic disc brakes were introduced in 2013 and were an instant hit due to the quality of the build and the tremendous value they offer.  Featuring a powerful four piston caliper and shorty style brake levers  for consistent braking power and unmatched modulation, the brakes incorporate Shimano’s proprietary Ice Technology brake pads that help keep your brakes running cool by dissipating heat through heat syncs on the backs of the pads. Upgrade your ride today at TBS Bike Parts for only $142 per brake!

The 2nd Annual Dodzy Memorial Enduro

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 586 Views

BC Enduro Race Series organizer and Norco Bikes ambassador Megan Rose has been riding in New Zealand and recently completed an enduro race that was hosted outside of Nelson, New Zealand.  Coming from a cross-country racing background, Megan is no stranger to gruelling climbs and fast descents.  She made a name for herself by winning the 2009 and 2012 BC Bike Race, a seven day stage race that draws competitors from all over the globe and takes riders from Nanaimo all the way up to Whistler.  After thirteen years of racing, she made the switch to enduro and participated in races in the Pacific Northwest of the US as well as across BC in 2013.

Video: Technologies Explain - Ice Technology

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 484 Views

Shimano's proprietary Ice Technology was developed to improve disc brake performance by dramatically reducing the amount of heat build-up that occurs in rotors, calipers, pads and brake levers when riding sections of trails that involve sustained braking or when riding at high speed.  Since its launch in 2010, the benefits of Ice Technology have trickled down from their high-end offerings (XTR and Saint) to the high-value Zee and XT products.  Here is a short video to help explain how Shimano achieved this accomplishment and essentially redefined our expectations of modern day disc brake systems.   TBS Bike Parts carries many of Shimano’s products that are feature Ice Technology to meet your trail riding needs.

Be a Preferred Rider with TBS Bike Parts!

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 694 Views

Would you like to hear about exciting TBS news before anyone else? Join TBS Bike Parts' Preferred Riders' Club and be the first to know about all of our incredible sales and promotional offers! To sign up, visit the "About TBS" page and enter your email address in the newsletter sign-up field on the left hand side.