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May 2014

Top 10 Mountain Bike Crashes of All Time

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 670 Views

It's increasingly easier to find videos of riders accelerating through tight technical trails and hitting the most outrageous gaps. Of course we most often see the riders come out safe and sound, but sometimes, even they can’t pull it off. This video shows some of the gnarliest crashes ever caught on film!

Great Customer Feedback

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 671 Views

Hear what Marc has to say about his experience with TBS Bike Parts:

FISE World Montpellier 2014

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 578 Views

After poor weather cut into last year's FISE World Montpellier slopestyle competition and only half of the course was able to be used, fans and riders alike will be looking forward to the first Gold Level stop on this year’s FMB World Tour. Coming to you on May 28th, top class riders from around the world will be gathered in Montpellier, France to begin earning points towards the FMB title.  You’ll be able to tune in and catch the live action on FISE TV.

2014 Red Bull District Ride

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 588 Views

After three years of waiting, the FMB World Tour has finally brought back the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg, Germany. With the course designed by 2005 winner Aaron Chase, the whole world can anticipate an unbelievable event held in the streets of this historical German city. As a part of the FMB Diamond series, the best riders will be in attendance trying to earn valuable points towards the 2014 FMB title.

Video: BC Enduro Round 1 - Penticton

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 1326 Views

The first race of the 2014 BC Enduro Series is now behind us, and we have a great video to share with you that showcases the race course and the fun that riders had at the event. Have a look at the Series calendar to get more information about the upcoming races and links on how to register.

World's First 3D Printed Mountain Bike

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 581 Views

Rapid advancements and developments in mountain bike technology have brought things like carbon fibre frames and wheels, adjustable seatposts, and electronically-adjustable suspension to the every-day rider.  Only a decade ago these things were either unavailable altogether, or only rarely seen on the highest-end bikes that only the pros could ride.  While manufacturers are for the most part feeling the need to keep up with the rest and therefore offer three wheel sizes, a variety of frame materials, etc. a British company called Empire Cycles has taken a completely different take on things.

Video: Just Another Enduro Edit

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 559 Views

The Banshee Rune gets put to the test in this solid video featuring Pat Campbell-Jenner. Go down the checklist of mountain bike video must-haves and feel confident that you can tick off every box including a solid soundtrack, fast riding over technical terrain, big boosts, and some style to boot.

Project Breath Easy

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 514 Views

With the talent from world class riders around the world, Mind Spark Cinemas has produced another spectacular mountain biking film: Project Breath Easy. Featuring big name athletes such as Sam Reynolds and Anthony Messere in one of 2014's most anticipated videos, Matt Macduff has executed an incredible idea to help fight Cystic Fibrosis. The video will be available on Vimeo in HD for a price of $7.99, where all proceeds will go Cystic Fibrosis Canada in attempt to help cure this terrible disease.

Easton 2012 Wheel Issues Resolved!

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 630 Views

Easton has a solid reputation of delivering high-end parts that range from bars and stems to high-end wheelsets.  Any and all technical issues and concerns regarding the M1 rear hub and the bearings in Haven and Havoc wheels have been put to rest with Easton engineers working hard to redesign the hub for 2013.  Improved bearings and a new preload adjuster ensure that the proper pressure is applied to the freehub body to maintain long bearing life and drastically improved reliability.

Video: The Dirtjumper - Gregers Pedersen

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 596 Views

Gregers Pedersen is a dirt jumper located in Germany and he has sculpted a friend's yard to offer an amazing dirt jumping playground that includes wooden ramps and dirt transitions.  According to this video of Gregers, this playground is just the beginning…