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September 2014

The 26" Maxxis Shorty

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 504 Views

Fall riding is upon us and our nice dry trails will soon turn slick and muddy. Downhill riders have long been known to take the famous Maxxis Wet Scream tire and cutting some of the tread lugs down to maximize cornering in sloppy conditions, but maintaining low rolling resistance when riding straight lines. The new Shorty downhill tire now eliminates the need to take side cutters to your expensive tires by offering you the best mid-spike tire for loose conditions straight out of the box. TBS Bike Parts now carries the Shorty for only $78.  Load up before they're all gone!

Video: No Fall Zone

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 621 Views

Whenever we think of steep and technical, most of us have visions of World Cup downhill tracks or rooty and rocky trails in the Pacific North-West. Johannes Pistrol has the guts to climb up this mountain with his bike on his bike, only to turn around at the peak and ride the whole thing back to the base. Forget just a “no fall zone”, the whole ride leaves no room for mistakes or slip-ups.

Video: Havoc on Vapour

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 544 Views

With the warm summer days behind us, we'll be looking for ways to be reminded of the sunshine and blue skies to get us through the winter. This edit from the Myra-Bellevue trail network in Kelowna, BC should do the trick!

Red Bull Rampage This Sunday

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 455 Views

Red Bull Rampage, one of this year's most anticipated FMB events is coming to Virgin, Utah this Sunday, September 28th. Each rider is given a week to prepare a line that they think will showcase their freeriding talent and earn them top spot on the podium. With a new location this season and very minimal wooden features, the riders will have to be innovative and utilize the unique terrain for their runs. Since Red Bull Rampage is the last FMB Diamond event of the year, this is the last chance for riders to climb the ladder and be crowned the Diamond Series Champion. Tune in to Red Bull TV on the 28th and catch the action live.

Video: Harrymainia 2

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 645 Views

Everyone knows mountain biking's our thing, but we can't pass up the opportunity to show you this absolutely incredible BMX video. Who else to come out with a new video that everyone's been talking about other than Harry Main himself. The production is called Harrymainia 2 and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. This guy is clearly a level above the rest.

Video: Copper Harbour Trail Network

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 506 Views

Copper Harbour is located on the southern end of Lake Superior in Michigan and is home to many spectacular mountain biking trails. The following POV video takes you through a few of the trails that the Copper Harbor trail network is so well known for.

Video: Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam 2014

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 493 Views

The FMB World Tour's latest bronze event, the Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam, took place in Fernie, B.C on August 30th. Congratulations to Bobby Lamirande who took the win followed by Casey Groves and Dennis Langenstam. Here’s a video of the highlights from the event:

The Benefit Of 7 Speed

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 1284 Views

While most mountain bikes have adopted the 10 and 11 speed drivetrain, downhill racers have gone the opposite direction.  Custom 6 and 7 speed cassettes have been on the World Cup race circuit for years, starting with Sam Hill's 2011 Demo 8 and most recently showcased on Gee Atherton's World Champs-winning GT Fury.  While these modified drivetrains save a bit of weight from their more standard counterparts, the true advantage comes from better ground clearance as well as shorter jumps between gears due to the more compact cassette gearing.

Jeremy Weiss: The Perfect Backyard Training Ground

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 574 Views

Professional FMB-ranked slopestyle rider Jeremy Weiss has been working hard over the past year to develop his trick list and unique style. Ever since Jeremy has returned to Kelowna, B.C after spending the winter months training in Ontario at Joyride 150, he has been dedicated to building the perfect training ground in his backyard. After overcoming many hardships that include revamping the roll-in multiple times to re-digging the landing on several occasions, Jeremy has finally accomplished his goal.

Fouriers Centerlock Hub Adapters

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 538 Views

Really love your Shimano Centerlock hubs but prefer running non-Shimano rotors? Fouriers' Centerlock Hub Adapters allow you to install a standard 6-bolt rotor onto your Centerlock-specific hub, providing you with the most flexibility and choice. The Fouriers Centerlock Adapters are available at TBS Bike Parts for only $16.