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October 2014

Video - A Unique Racing Format

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 515 Views

Enduro racing was the answer for riders who wanted a blend of downhill racing and endurance-testing XC racing formats. Now, the folks at Enter-Bike.com  have come up with a new racing format that incorporates enduro/downhill riding with a trials course. Beyond being quick and smooth, you have to be able to handle your bike in the tall and skinny stuff to make the cut.

Video - Goin' Full Blown Hoff at Retallack

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 629 Views

This is what you get when you combine an all-star roster of freeriders, let them loose on the steep slopes and trails surrounding Retallack Lodge in the Kootenays of BC, and give them all helmet cams to capture the action. Goin’ Hoff is a look into what the Fest Series guys did for fun outside of the massive jump festival that took place this past summer.

Video: Competing to be The Best

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 500 Views

Brandon Semenuk and Brett Rheeder, both riders for the Trek C3 Project, were interviewed about their rivalry and camaraderie to be the best slopestyle rider while at this year's Bear Claw Invitational. Interesting insight and as always, impressive riding from the two Canadians.

Video - Old Daryl New Tricks, Ep. 1

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 618 Views

A journey to Beachy Head in Southeast England presented Daryl Brown with some unique riding terrain.  Brown gets innovative as he makes use of the natural roadside hips to catch some air and do it in style.

Video: The Best Local Trail Ever Built

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 428 Views

Located in Neuchatel, Switzerland, this seemingly never-ending track has more jumps, berms and gaps than most bike parks.  We can’t imagine how many hours of digging must have gone into building it but these riders are certainly reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Video Teaser: UnReal

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 572 Views

Anthilll Films and Teton Gravity Research have collaborated to create the highly-anticipated film titled "unReal".   Scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2015, the teaser has shown potential as a contender for one of the top picks for next year. Top riders from the FMB World Tour are featured riding on remote glaciers and alongside a pack of wild horses...this one's going to be a keeper!

Video: Angel Fire Bike Park 2014

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 469 Views

Angel Fire Bike Park is located in the southern Rocky Mountains in New Mexico and was voted the number one bike park in the southern United States, making this is one stop that you don't want to miss.  With over 60 miles of trails as well as a skills park, there's something here for everyone of every caliber of riding.  Although the terrain is fairly rocky and technical, there are still a number of trails that would suit beginner and intermediate riders.

Maxxis 27.5" Tires & Tubes Have Arrived

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 757 Views

27.5" Maxxis tires and tubes have arrived and are now available on our website. Beyond our current wide selection of Maxxis tires, we now carry the High Roller IIMinion DHR II and the Ikon all in the mid-sized wheel that's gained massive popularity in such a short time.

Video: Kevin Littlefield is Gravity Fed

By tbsbikes 5 years ago 541 Views

Kevin Littlefield's been making a name for himself for a few years and his most recent video, Gravity Fed, is one that you don't want to miss. Whether it's dirt jumps, trail riding or full-out downhill ripping, he'll ride his favourite trails in Seattle with impressive speed and flow.