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April 2015

Video: Yoann Barrelli - Pemberton Enduro

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 606 Views

Yoann Barrelli made the headlines this week aboard his cyclocross bike threading the needle on some old school skinnies. Here he is ripping down the single track on the Pemberton Enduro course to a second place finish on his Giant Reign.

Video: CruzFest 2015 Course Preview

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 513 Views

The 2015 Fest Series has officially arrived with CruzFest taking place from April 20th -27th in Santa Cruz, California. With the event being hosted by Kyle Jameson, R-Dog, and Jeff Herbertson, we cannot wait to see what these riders will throw down on this course:

Video: Biking Are, Sweden - Easy Rider

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 555 Views

A perfect summer day of riding at the Are Bike Park in Sweden. We can't wait for the bike park season to start!

Video: Chris Akrigg - Bread & Butter

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 648 Views

Yet again, Chris Akrigg has managed to make the seemingly impossible lines look fun and easy.

Video: Fabio Wibmer Street Trials

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 638 Views

A refreshing change from the typical edits, here Fabio Wibmer checks off all the boxes ranging from street trials tricks to a big freeride huck. You'll want to watch this one!

Video: Rudziczka Step-Up Session

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 603 Views

The Godziek brothers and their friends go big on a step-up in Rudziczka, Poland.

Video: Remy Metailler - The Riding Life

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 548 Views

Whistler trail slayer and helmet cam celebrity Remy Metailler takes his riding to the slopes of the active Nevado Colima volcano in Mexico.  Warp speed through the trees and impressive endurance from the French rider reminds us that his abilities got well beyond throwing whips on jumps.

The Shimano XTR M986 Shadow Plus Derailleur

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 570 Views

TBS Bike Parts is featuring the Shimano XTR M986 Derailleur, on sale for only $159! Along with Shimano's ShadowPlus clutch technology that adds tension and effectively eliminates chain slap and dropped chains, the M986 offers ultra crisp and efficient shifting for 10-speed drivetrains and weighs a scant 214 grams. Looking to upgrade your ride with the best parts that Shimano has to offer? Look no further.

Video: Dan Milner - Adjusting Your Rear Suspension

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 469 Views

Dan Milner, also known as the "Trail Doctor", demonstrates how to properly set up your rear suspension before a ride. It's extremely important to have your suspension dialed in before you hit the trails.