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October 2015

Videos: Kurt Sorge Red Bull Rampage - 2012 & 2015 Winning Runs

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 581 Views

Kurt Sorge's recent win at Red Bull Rampage was his second taste of gold in three years at the event. Each year, riders sculpt increasingly challenging lines in the Utah desert and raise the bar of what's possible to do on two wheels, and Kurt is at the forefront of the movement.

Video: Nikki Whiles's Life Of Passion - Under the Radar, Ep. 7

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 389 Views

Ex-racer Nikki Whiles rides some Welsh singletrack and talks about his passion for all things two-wheeled.

Last Chance for Killer Lineup Sale!

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 557 Views

Don't forget to take advantage of our Killer Lineup Sale where some top-end forks are reduced to offer you amazing deals until the end of the month.

Video: GoPro of the World Best Line Contest - September People's Choice Award Winner

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 666 Views

Steve Storey just won the GoPro of the World Best Line Contest’s September People’s Choice Award for his incredible footage of his ride on the trail he built himself in Whistler: Roca Verde. This one’s going to get your heart racing!

Videos: Red Bull Rampage 2015 - Top 5 Runs

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 511 Views

Missed the live action from Utah last week? No worries, here are the top 5 runs from this year's Red Bull Rampage:

GoPro POV: Guillaume Merlinge - Les Gorges De Saint Pierre

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 481 Views

Guillaume Merlinge straps a GoPro to his helmet and rides along a winding trail through Les Gorges De Saint Pierre in France. This daunting trail runs alongside a huge cliff and doesn't offer any room for error. Would you ride this trail?

Video: That One Time I Got Struck By Lightning at Rampage

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 473 Views

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice...well, it looks like Randy Spangler has a story that defies that rule from Rampage 2012. Here's his version of the event:

In Need of a Mudguard?

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 618 Views

Fall riding conditions are unpredictable; don't take the chance of getting mud and debris in your face while riding through sloppy trails. TBS Bike Parts currently stocks the infamous Marshguard mudguard that is lightweight, customizable and easily installed, for only $15.

Video: Red Bull Rampage 2015 - Finals Moved to Friday

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 442 Views

The weather forecast isn't good for Rampage on Saturday, so the organizers have changed the event to Friday, October 16th. After digging and building for four days, the riders are beginning to test out their lines. Here's a clip of the first session to go down in preparation for the big event!

Video: GoPro POV - CP Gang in Blackhills France

By tbsbikes 4 years ago 1653 Views

Nick Pescetto is getting ready for his second appearance at the Red Bull Rampage on October 17th.  He was joined by the CP Gang on the Black Hills in Southern France to train on unforgiving terrain that's similar to the Rampage site in Utah.