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September 2016

Short Drone Video: Shelby Rides Smith Creek

By TBS Media 3 years ago 719 Views

Shelby Miller enjoys an evening ride on the downhill track at Smith Creek!

Video: GoPro MTB at Powers Creek

By TBS Media 3 years ago 1057 Views

Watch Justin Larter as he chases Shelby Miller down Builder's Trail at Powers Creek!

Video: Cody Decker Riding Crawford

By TBS Media 3 years ago 706 Views

A few drone clips of Cody Decker as he cruses through some of the lower Crawford trails in the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park.

GoPro: Simon Drouin - Waterslides

By TBS Media 3 years ago 1151 Views

When the water park shuts off the taps, it's time to bring out the big guns. Watch as Simon Drouin and his buddy shred down an entire waterslide as part of their GoPro Best Line submission. Enjoy!

Red Bull Hardline - Bernard Kerr's Winning Run POV

By TBS Media 3 years ago 1323 Views

Red Bull Hardline is without a doubt one of the craziest events in all of Mountain Biking. With World Cup terrain paired with massive freestyle jumps, this contest puts the best riders around to the test. Enjoy the POV footage from Bernard Kerr's winning run at this year's Red Bull Hardline!

Shimano XTR M9020 Disc Brakes

By TBS Media 3 years ago 923 Views

Looking for the perfect all-mountain brake? Look no further than the Shimano XTR M9020 Disc Brake, the lightest and most powerful brake of the XTR series. The redesigned M9020 comes with 10% more heat resistance, allowing you to shred harder for longer without the worry of burning through your brakes. With the compact Servo-Wave XTR hydraulic disc brake lever, performance is optimized and fully adjustable on the fly while the opposed 2-piston calipers reduce pad wear and in turn increase overall braking control. Alleviate the stress of performance issues with your brakes by upgrading to the XTR M9020 today at TBS Bike Parts for only $209 per brake!

**This is a J-KIT (Junction-Kit) brake version : the brake comes with the lever disconnected from the hydraulic line to allow for easy and mess-free installation in frames with integrated routing. The system is already bled and does not need to a re-bleed once fitted to your bike.

RockShox Pike RCT3 27.5 Dual Position Fork

By TBS Media 3 years ago 738 Views

Rock Shox's completely redesigned Pike comes murdered-out for a reason. The RockShox Pike RCT3 DP fork is tough, light and can tackle any kind of trail riding with travel adjustments from 130-160mm. Pike is like a stealth bomber designed specifically for bombing through tech trails while providing a plushy travel experience. Join the new era in suspension performance today by purchasing the Dual Position Pike from TBS Bike Parts for only $999.

Video: Mitch Chubey - Out and About

By TBS Media 3 years ago 866 Views

Green River, Utah is home to a vast canvas of desert features including massive cliffs, jagged rocks and endless possibilities to send it on a mountain bike. Morpheus rider Mitch Chubey pushes the boundaries on his bike as he tears up the unique terrain around him in this very well executed edit. From big gaps to massive tricks, Chubey lays it all on the line in Green River. Enjoy!

SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes In Stock!

By TBS Media 3 years ago 1068 Views

Brakes feeling a little shot after a long summer of shredding the bike park? Brakes are one of the most essential components to mountain biking and can really make or break your riding experience. The SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes are designed to give you an enhanced experience with consistent and reliable braking power in any conditions. With steep-line confidence, deep corner dominance and a super sleek design, Guide yourself through every trail like you own it! Shop now at TBS Bike Parts for only $189 per brake.

Shimano Shifter Housing Available at TBS Bike Parts

By TBS Media 3 years ago 938 Views

Taking forever for your bike to actually shift after you click your shift lever? Not to worry. TBS Bike Parts carries Shimano Shifter Housing so you can replace your old ones and get them working like new again. Purchase 1800mm of Shimano shifter housing at TBS Bike Parts for only $12.