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August 2017

XT M8000 Groupset - Best Bang For Your Buck?

By TBS Media 2 years ago 699 Views

Shimano's XT product line has been known for strong and reliable performance while still remaining affordable. When Shimano introduced the M8000, it was no surprise that it became one of the most popular selling product lines on the market. M8000 provides lightweight, durable components that are very comparable to the XTR M9000 groupset but with one key difference - price. If you are looking for consistency in your drivetrain without having to break the bank, XT M8000 is definitely the way to go.

New YBN Chains Available!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 831 Views

Looking for a reliable chain that lasts longer, requires less maintenance and looks sick? Check out the new YBN SLA (Self-Lubricating) 10 and 11 speed chains that are available now at TBS Bike Parts! The YBN chains include a patented technology that applies self-lubrication material (Ni-PTFE Teflon) on the surfaces of chain plates and rollers which allows the chain to maintain high performance while running smoothly and quietly with minimal upkeep and cleaning. This technology boosts the average life cycle of YBN chains to 6000-8000 kilometers of riding, which is much longer than the life cycle of other regular branded chains. In addition to all of this, the YBN chains are available in a flashy jet black so you can add some style and performance to your drivetrain. Check them out here along with other chains available at TBS Bike Parts.

Customer Testimonials - We Would Love To Hear From You!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 5637 Views

We love to receive feedback from our valued customers so we can ensure that we are delivering on best-in-class service, low prices and an overall positive shopping experience. You can leave reviews for us on our Facebook page as well as on Google Reviews. See what some of our recent customers have to say about us:

XO1 Eagle 12 Speed Components Available Now

By TBS Media 2 years ago 934 Views

More 12 speed SRAM Eagle components have landed! In addition to our XX1 Eagle groupset, we are now carrying X01 Eagle components as well. X01 Eagle is another top-of-the-line 12 speed groupset, featuring very similar specs to XX1 but with a silver finish and less expensive. Geared more towards aggressive trail riding and Enduro, X01 Eagle has been built with toughness, precision and increased wear life, while still maintaining a smooth and silent operation. With 12 speeds and a 10-50 gear ratio, X01 Eagle provides ultimate drivetrain freedom and can tackle any kind of terrain, uphill or downhill. Here's what we've got in store for you at TBS Bike Parts: