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April 2018

Maxxis Madness is Coming....

By TBS Media 1 years ago 590 Views

Do you like saving money? Do you like riding the best quality tires at the cheapest prices around? If you like either of these things, you are in luck!

Which Groupset Will You Be Riding This Season?

By TBS Media 1 years ago 611 Views

With so many different component options on the market in today's mountain biking world, it can be very difficult to decide which brand, and more specifically, which product line to ride. SRAM and Shimano have long dominated the biking industry with top-of-the-line components, ranging in price and specs. Each company produces multiple lines of groupsets that are geared towards different types of riding disciplines as well as price range. Let's take a look at what each of these companies has to offer.

Crankset Sizing and Bottom Brackets

By TBS Media 1 years ago 519 Views

Are you looking to upgrade your drivetrain but unsure of what specs you need to suit your style of riding? Mountain bike specs are often only millimeters different in size, yet those tiny differences in specs can make a huge impact on your riding. Cranksets are a perfect example of this. The standard size of cranksets usually ranges between 165mm, 170mm and 175mm. Minimal difference, right?

Win a Set of Raceface Half Nelson Grips!

By TBS Media 1 years ago 508 Views

Contest time! We're excited to announce that we are giving away two sets of Raceface half nelson grips to two different winners through our Instagram account.

What Brand Of Brakes Will You Be Riding This Season?

By TBS Media 1 years ago 458 Views

With two huge brake brands on the market that each produce the highest quality of brakes available, it can be very tricky deciding which brand you want to go with. Shimano and SRAM have long dominated the braking industry, and for a good reason. Each of these brands deliver the widest selection of mountain bike brakes and all of their products are designed with consistency, power and durability. So that brings up one of the biggest questions in the mountain biking industry- Which brand should I choose?