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June 2018

How to Set up a Mountain Bike for a Bike Park

By TBS Media 1 years ago 555 Views

A question we frequently get asked at TBS is "...but can I ride Bike Park on it?' Our answer is always yes! Definitely in fact! Typical mountain bikes are super capable and are right at home on anything from alpine singletrack to a full blown downhill bike park! However, there are always changes that you can make to your set up to optimise your bike for the rough and unforgiving nature of a bike park! Without realising it, you'll ride more distance and rough terrain on your bike in a day than you would on a good 3 or 4 trail rides! So make sure your bike is ready to deal with that!

How to - Keep Your Shifting Game on Par

By Cody Decker 1 years ago 596 Views

Depending on what type of biking you engage in the need for crisp clean shifting is necessary. However, shifting is often over looked by most people until it is to late. By that time cables and housing are full of dust, grit, rust and sand causing severe friction in the lines making shifting quality poor and excess wear on shifters and derailleurs.

Product Comparison: Shimano Organic vs Metal Brake Pads

By TBS Media 1 years ago 2831 Views

Having a good set of hydraulic disc brakes on your mountain bike is one of the key components that allows you to go as fast as you can on the trail. Without a strong set of brakes to slow you own, dropping in to steep and fast terrain is much more dangerous. The brake pads specifically are another wear item on your bike and should be changed when worn down. Understanding the different kinds of brake pads available will help you make the right decision when getting yourself some new pads. W are going to break down the differences between organic and metal Shimano mountain bike brake pads.