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Mountain Biking Trails

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Video: Old School Skinnies at Powers Creek

By Trevor Tuck 3 months ago 623 Views

The Powers Creek trail network in Kelowna, B.C has been around since the late 90's and is known for its great downhill trails that have an abundance of man-made wooden features. Here are a few short GoPro clips of Trevor Tuck as he rides some of the more old school skinnies found at Powers Creek...

How to Set up a Mountain Bike for a Bike Park

By TBS Media 1 years ago 555 Views

A question we frequently get asked at TBS is "...but can I ride Bike Park on it?' Our answer is always yes! Definitely in fact! Typical mountain bikes are super capable and are right at home on anything from alpine singletrack to a full blown downhill bike park! However, there are always changes that you can make to your set up to optimise your bike for the rough and unforgiving nature of a bike park! Without realising it, you'll ride more distance and rough terrain on your bike in a day than you would on a good 3 or 4 trail rides! So make sure your bike is ready to deal with that!

Video: Remy Metailler- Whistler's Unspoken Trails

By TBS Media 3 years ago 888 Views

Remy Metailler once again blows us away with another banger edit at the Whistler Bike Park. While Remy is usually seen flying down popular trails such as A-Line and Dirt Merchant, this time he takes us down some of the more technical double black trails that aren't as widely known. Enjoy!

GoPro Video: Vincent Tupin - Snow Trail

By TBS Media 3 years ago 698 Views

In this short GoPro POV video, Vincent Tupin rips down a snowy trail in the middle of a gully. Would you be able to ride that fast in the snow? Enjoy!

GoPro Video: Steve Storey - Trail Boik Time

By TBS Media 3 years ago 961 Views

Steve Storey continues to amaze us with his incredible GoPro videos of stunning trails. Sit back, relax, and enjoy two minutes of straight shredding on one of the funnest looking trails we've seen in a while. In case you missed Steve's last video, you can find it here!

Video: GoPro POV in Pemberton with Yoann Barelli

By TBS Media 3 years ago 805 Views

Enjoy watching this GoPro POV video of Yoann Barelli as he rips down a steep trail full of tight berms and technical sections in Pemberton, B.C.

Dan Atherton Shreds The Dyfi Forest - Video

By TBS Media 3 years ago 814 Views

Dan Atherton is one of the biggest legends in downhill mountain biking, but on top of his incredible speed and style, he is also very well known for building amazing DH trails. His latest creation is a pair of full length runs through the Dyfi Forest filled with tons of lush scenery, big jumps and technical terrain. After watching this video, a trip to the Dyfi Forest in Wales may be in order!