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Stay Connected With TBS Bike Parts!

By TBS Media 1 years ago 814 Views

With a great new year in front of us, and lots of new parts coming your way, now is the time to make sure you stay connected with our Social Media sites so you don't miss out of the great deals we have to offer! Join our Preferred Riders Club for monthly E-blasts to receive exclusive offers and be the first to know about any sale that is coming up. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for cool riding posts as well as different sales and new product promotions. Don't miss the awesome deals and huge savings this year, stay connected to TBS Bike Parts.

Schwalbe Tires At TBS Bike Parts!

By TBS Media 1 years ago 1170 Views

In our journey to provide our customers with a wide offering of low-priced mountain bike parts, we are always looking for the next best products to supply for less than our competitors. With a new year ahead of us, TBS Bike Parts is super excited to announce our expanding line of Schwalbe mountain bike tires! Last year we tested out a couple of different Schwalbe treads and were blown away with the positive sales and feedback we received from our customers. Schwalbe is a very close competitor to Maxxis and offers many unique skews in a variety of different sizes, compounds and designs. With options in 26", 27.5" and 29", we've got your tire needs covered. If you're looking for a set of tires that will compliment the wet Spring conditions, look no further than our selection of Schwalbe tires! Here are a few examples of what we have to offer:

New Year, New Parts!

By TBS Media 1 years ago 742 Views

2018 has officially kicked off which means that riding season is approaching quickly! We've got plenty of awesome parts to start off the new year including the brand new SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed upgrade kit, new Schwalbe Tire options and more. With these new additions along with our other high end product offerings, you can build your dream setup without having to break the bank. With free shipping on all orders over $149 and no surprise duty or taxes on your order, you won't find a better deal than by shopping with your Canadian Online Retailer! Spend less and ride the best with TBS Bike Parts.

SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed - Available Now!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 1379 Views

SRAM has always been a leading innovator when it comes to high-tech mountain biking technology. Last year SRAM introduced the GX product line available in 11 speed as well as 7 speed, the first 7 speed drivetrain in years that was designed strictly for downhill riding efficiency. SRAM had also pushed the limits by introducing the first ever 12 speed groupset, Eagle XX1 followed by X01. Of course Eagle consists of top-of-the-line components and comes with a hefty price tag so despite the drivetrain freedom that comes with a 1x12 setup, it was overlooked by many riders. Available now at TBS Bike Parts is the brand new SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed drivetrain, providing the same benefit as XX1 or X01 Eagle but at a fraction of the cost, making it much more affordable for every day riders. By switching to SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed, you can experience the light-weight, diverse and efficient drivetrain setup that SRAM has perfected, all without breaking the bank. All of this and more at TBS Bike Parts!

New YBN Chains Available!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 831 Views

Looking for a reliable chain that lasts longer, requires less maintenance and looks sick? Check out the new YBN SLA (Self-Lubricating) 10 and 11 speed chains that are available now at TBS Bike Parts! The YBN chains include a patented technology that applies self-lubrication material (Ni-PTFE Teflon) on the surfaces of chain plates and rollers which allows the chain to maintain high performance while running smoothly and quietly with minimal upkeep and cleaning. This technology boosts the average life cycle of YBN chains to 6000-8000 kilometers of riding, which is much longer than the life cycle of other regular branded chains. In addition to all of this, the YBN chains are available in a flashy jet black so you can add some style and performance to your drivetrain. Check them out here along with other chains available at TBS Bike Parts.

XO1 Eagle 12 Speed Components Available Now

By TBS Media 2 years ago 934 Views

More 12 speed SRAM Eagle components have landed! In addition to our XX1 Eagle groupset, we are now carrying X01 Eagle components as well. X01 Eagle is another top-of-the-line 12 speed groupset, featuring very similar specs to XX1 but with a silver finish and less expensive. Geared more towards aggressive trail riding and Enduro, X01 Eagle has been built with toughness, precision and increased wear life, while still maintaining a smooth and silent operation. With 12 speeds and a 10-50 gear ratio, X01 Eagle provides ultimate drivetrain freedom and can tackle any kind of terrain, uphill or downhill. Here's what we've got in store for you at TBS Bike Parts:

XT M8000 Boost Cranks Now Available

By TBS Media 2 years ago 1078 Views

Shimano's XT M8000 175mm Crankset is now available in BOOST at TBS Bike Parts! BOOST is a new design for drivetrains and wheels to increase stiffness and enhance riding efficiency with better handling precision. BOOST cranks have an increased width of 3mm in the chain line, giving you more options for chainrings, better tire clearance and a shorter chainstay. Technology in mountain biking is constantly changing, and while this may not seem like a big difference, this small change can significantly impact your riding. The above chart shows us the exact changes that are made with a BOOST setup. As you can see, changes are made to the front hub, rear hub and the chainline, creating more stability and a stronger build. You can purchase a BOOST XT M8000 Crankset from TBS Bike Parts for only $169!

Maxxis Tires - Restocked!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 786 Views

We've just loaded up our Tire Page with a bunch of new Maxxis tires! With options in 26", 27.5" and 29", there are plenty of great deals for you to choose from. Need more than one or two tires? Many of our top selling items will give you bundle discounts when you purchase 4 or more. The savings are endless when you shop at TBS Bike Parts!

Build Your Own SRAM XX1 Groupset at TBS Bike Parts!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 889 Views

Driven by a cutting-edge, single-ring carbon crank and seamless component integration, the SRAM XX1 drivetrain delivers flawless chain management and faster, more precise shifting. No matter where you ride, or what you are up against on the mountain, SRAM XX1 is unstoppable. From the X-Horizon rear derailleur with TYPE 2 technology to the super wide range 11-speed 10-42T cassette, each component is designed to function synergistically with the others, achieving what no other 1X drivetrain has before. Build your own XX1 groupset at TBS Bike Parts and enjoy great prices, fast free shipping on orders over $149 and no duty!

Guide Brakes Available At TBS Bike Parts!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 912 Views

In the last few years SRAM has taken the braking market by storm by introducing the SRAM Guide series. After years of producing brakes under Avid and receiving mixed reviews of their product, the new Guides have since proven to be one of the top brake lines on the market for downhill riders. TBS Bike Parts now offers 3 different types of the SRAM Guide Brakes: RS, RSC and Ultimate. While these brakes all differ in price based on specs, they each contain 4 pistons of consistent stopping power with a sleek Black Ano finish to make them a great addition for your DH rig. Featuring the new technology, Bleeding Edge, bleeding your brakes has never been easier.