GoPro: Innovation in Mountain Bike Filming

With the recent release of the GoPro Hero 3 camera, mountain bike filming has never been easier. Small and innovative, this camera allows you to film from a variety of angles, capturing all sorts of unique footage. The GoPro is capable of filming and taking photos in high definition, providing the best quality photos & videos of your ride. The wide-angle lens captures a much greater surrounding area than a traditional camera, capturing and preserving  your rides.


This versatile camera enables riders to film from their chest, helmet, handlebars, frame and even from a bike fork as mounting options are limitless. Another perk of the GoPro camera is that it’s hands-free and allows you to ride without distraction. The long lasting battery life of approximately 5 hours lets riders collect memorable and adventurous footage without the need for additional heavy battery packs.

Go Pro Blog photo

If you want to start filming your rides, the GoPro Hero 3 should be at the top of your list; the easiest and most efficient way of capturing extraordinary mountain bike footage.

Wishing you action filled adventures out on the mountain bike trails!