New Year, New You, New Pedals

It’s a new decade and time to replace your old, beat down, worn out pedals. Show your bike some love with numerous pedal options that we currently have in stock. The HT Components ANS-10 Supreme Platform pedals will let you experience the new decade like you would have never imagined. These pedals will outshine any stock pedal and drastically improve the control and feel of your bike. With 20 pins, the pedals give you the feeling of having clip ins, but without the need for specialized shoes. They are stylish, weigh in at 368 grams, and have an ultra thin 16.6 mm platform that will give you the confidence to tackle the most extreme conditions. With a large opening in the pedal mud and other debris are easily able to escape, allowing you to maintain more contact with your shoe and the pedal. The HT Components ANS-10 Supreme Platform pedals are a top recommendation among the team here at TBS Bike Parts.

HT Components ANS-10 Supreme Platform - $149CAD