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Product Review - Raceface Half Nelson

Product Review - Raceface Half Nelson
By Cody Decker 1 month ago 160 Views

When it comes to enjoying riding your bike and reducing fatigue I find that grips play a significant role. My own personal riding style is a weekend warrior. Ill go out on nice days for a ride on either my endure bike or do some laps on the dh bike. Both of which I have Raceface’s half nelson grips and these grips by far are a life changer. Never before have I owned a pair of grips with this much comfort. I have basically hung up my riding gloves and haven’t looked back when it comes to most of my rides. These grips have a low profile and are quite thin in retro spec to most other grips that feel thick and chunky. Since riding these grips for over two seasons there is little to no noticeable wear on the grips and they haven’t gotten that sticky gross feel even when riding bare handed. The lock on mechanism is sturdy and I haven’t had any grip slip even in the most rigorous of situations on my carbon bars even though its a single clamp. The part of the grip that impresses me the most and compliments my overall riding feel is the texture of the grip. The ¾ of smooth grip that has minor scoring in a unique pattern that has grip but doesn’t feel as though its ripping the skin off your hands. The other ¼ of the grip is a Raceface lettering that allows for a good finger grip. When placing the Raceface part at the bottom of the grip it allows fingers to use the lettering as grip when you are going through rough sections. Overall, I recommend these grips to anyone that wants a comfortable grip with a thin profile that would be usable without riding gloves. I know that all my bikes will continue to have Raceface half nelson grips on them for the foreseeable future.

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