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Our Take - Shimano Saint vs Zee Brakes

By Cody Decker 7 months ago 877 Views

So, are you interested in a Shimano brake set but don’t know which one to get? Well, here is our take on the Saint vs Zee debate. Let’s start off with Zees. I have a set of Zees on my Transition TR500 and before even giving them a chance I was already a little skeptical....

SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes In Stock!

By TBS Media 3 years ago 1081 Views

Brakes feeling a little shot after a long summer of shredding the bike park? Brakes are one of the most essential components to mountain biking and can really make or break your riding experience. The SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes are designed to give you an enhanced experience with consistent and reliable braking power in any conditions. With steep-line confidence, deep corner dominance and a super sleek design, Guide yourself through every trail like you own it! Shop now at TBS Bike Parts for only $189 per brake.