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Our Take - Shimano Saint vs Zee Brakes

By Cody Decker 7 months ago 876 Views

So, are you interested in a Shimano brake set but don’t know which one to get? Well, here is our take on the Saint vs Zee debate. Let’s start off with Zees. I have a set of Zees on my Transition TR500 and before even giving them a chance I was already a little skeptical....

Shimano's SLX M7000 Groupset

By TBS Media 2 years ago 1115 Views

Shimano has a great reputation for not only producing some of the highest quality components known to mountain biking, but also for offering a wide range of affordable high-end parts as well. With the biking industry growing at such a fast pace, and industry standards being tweaked every year to enhance performance, Shimano decided to give it's SLX series a make-over. The new SLX M7000 11 Speed Groupset takes trickle-down technology from the XT and XTR groups and is presented as an affordable transition to a 1x11 setup. The SLX groupset is a great versatile option for trail riders who want to enjoy the extra gear range without having a 2x10 or 3x10 setup, while still enjoying a fresh new look and low weight design. Ready to make the switch over to 1x11? We've got your riding needs covered here at TBS Bike Parts!

Shimano 11 Speed Components at TBS Bike Parts

By TBS Media 3 years ago 927 Views

With the biking industry changing at such a fast pace, we at TBS Bike Parts want to ensure that we are providing the best parts at the best prices for our customers. Shimano has produced a variety of high end 11 speed product lines to keep up with the demands of riders who want to run with the most efficient set-ups. From XTR M9000, to XT M8000 along with the new SLX M7000, we've got the options you need to spend less and ride the best. Head on over to TBS Bike Parts and shop now!