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Our Take – DH vs Trail Bike

By Cody Decker 11 months ago 436 Views

The age of debate on which is better a DH or trail bike. Well that more often than not depends of the location in which you are riding your bike. Having our company based in the Okanagan we have some of the best riding available in every discipline. From shuttles to trail ride we have it all, so which bike is best for us?

Which Groupset Will You Be Riding This Season?

By TBS Media 1 years ago 613 Views

With so many different component options on the market in today's mountain biking world, it can be very difficult to decide which brand, and more specifically, which product line to ride. SRAM and Shimano have long dominated the biking industry with top-of-the-line components, ranging in price and specs. Each company produces multiple lines of groupsets that are geared towards different types of riding disciplines as well as price range. Let's take a look at what each of these companies has to offer.

Crankset Sizing and Bottom Brackets

By TBS Media 1 years ago 523 Views

Are you looking to upgrade your drivetrain but unsure of what specs you need to suit your style of riding? Mountain bike specs are often only millimeters different in size, yet those tiny differences in specs can make a huge impact on your riding. Cranksets are a perfect example of this. The standard size of cranksets usually ranges between 165mm, 170mm and 175mm. Minimal difference, right?

What Brand Of Brakes Will You Be Riding This Season?

By TBS Media 1 years ago 462 Views

With two huge brake brands on the market that each produce the highest quality of brakes available, it can be very tricky deciding which brand you want to go with. Shimano and SRAM have long dominated the braking industry, and for a good reason. Each of these brands deliver the widest selection of mountain bike brakes and all of their products are designed with consistency, power and durability. So that brings up one of the biggest questions in the mountain biking industry- Which brand should I choose?

Handlebar Width - What Should You Be Riding?

By TBS Media 1 years ago 654 Views

Like all components available in the world of mountain biking, there are different sizes and styles for everything. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what parts you need for the style of riding that you enjoy. A very common dilemma when designing your dream bike, is what width of handlebar you should be riding.

Product Comparison: Clips or Flats?

By TBS Media 1 years ago 574 Views

Clip pedals or flats? This has been an ongoing debate for years as to which product is better for certain disciplines of riding.

Maxxis vs. Schwalbe Tire Comparison

By TBS Media 1 years ago 2362 Views

Picking out the right set of tires is imperative if you want to ensure that you have the proper grip you need to accommodate your riding style. With two huge players in the industry, Maxxis and Schwalbe, and so many options offered by both companies, it can be hard making the right decision. Here is some important information about both companies that should help you make a better informed decision for your tire purchase!

Schwalbe Tires At TBS Bike Parts!

By TBS Media 2 years ago 1194 Views

In our journey to provide our customers with a wide offering of low-priced mountain bike parts, we are always looking for the next best products to supply for less than our competitors. With a new year ahead of us, TBS Bike Parts is super excited to announce our expanding line of Schwalbe mountain bike tires! Last year we tested out a couple of different Schwalbe treads and were blown away with the positive sales and feedback we received from our customers. Schwalbe is a very close competitor to Maxxis and offers many unique skews in a variety of different sizes, compounds and designs. With options in 26", 27.5" and 29", we've got your tire needs covered. If you're looking for a set of tires that will compliment the wet Spring conditions, look no further than our selection of Schwalbe tires! Here are a few examples of what we have to offer:

Choosing The Best Mountain Bike Tires - A Short Guide

By TBS Media 2 years ago 2495 Views

New to biking? Trying to figure out what to replace your old, worn tires with when a well-loved set finally gives up the ghost? Finding a replacement set of tires for your mountain bike is a fairly straightforward process once you know what you need, but pinning down exactly what works for each type of rider may require soul-searching and know-how that isn't often considered when first purchasing a bike.

Black Friday Is Approaching

By TBS Media 2 years ago 864 Views

The biggest online sale of the year is only a couple of weeks away! Be sure to stay tuned to our Social Media pages and Pinkbike for exclusive Black Friday deals that will be available for a limited time only. We've got some awesome savings so you definitely don't want to miss out. Our sale at TBS Bike Parts will be on for the entire weekend starting on Thursday, November 23rd so save the date and check us out!