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Guide to Winter Biking: Essential Equipment for the Off-Season

By Steven McCusker 6 months ago 294 Views

Whether you live high up in the Northern hemisphere or are just looking to get a regular ride in this winter, we've got you covered. For all but the most hardcore of Northern winter-bred folk, the cold and snow used to mean locking the bike away in a dusty garage for several months while you await the thaw

10 Speed Parts Still Available at TBS Bike Parts!

By TBS Media 1 years ago 796 Views

Are you still rocking an "old school" 10 speed setup on your ride? At TBS Bike Parts we understand that upgrading to an 11 or 12 speed setup can be very costly which is why we still stock multiple 10 speed items, so you can have the opportunity to upgrade your bike with new parts, without having to completely change your entire drivetrain.

Small Parts, Great Savings

By TBS Media 2 years ago 924 Views

In need of some small components to help make your riding life easier? Is your order just shy of $149 but you want to ensure that you still receive free shipping? Be sure to check out our Accessories Page before completing your next order. We've got loads of small parts that will help make your riding experience better without having to break the bank. With plenty of options to choose from including brake pads, park tools and adapters, we've got your riding needs covered here at TBS Bike Parts!

Customize Your Gear Range at TBS Bike Parts

By TBS Media 2 years ago 769 Views

Are you wanting to make the jump to an 11-speed drivetrain but without the cost of upgrading your entire set-up? At TBS Bike Parts, we offer multiple 42T cogs by Wolf Tooth Components that allow you to remove either the 15T or 17T cog from your cassette in exchange for a 42T cog, giving you much more range and better climbing capability. This allows riders to enjoy a similar gear range to an 11-speed set-up for a small cost of only $98.50. We've got options compatible with SRAM, Shimano and Sunrace cassettes. Now of course by eliminating either the 15T or 17T cog, you will have a larger gap in your lower gears which can pose as a problem while shifting on the fly. This is why we also offer the Wolf Tooth 16T cog for only $18.50 so you can mediate that gap and keep your shifting smooth.

Don't Forget To Check Out Our Accessories Page

By TBS Media 2 years ago 1034 Views

Our Accessories page is loaded with small parts to make your riding experience easier and better, while still taking advantage of great pricing. Don't feel like your brakes have run their full course yet but you want to get some braking power back? Take a look at all of our brake pad options here. Want to extend your riding time during the day without having to ride at night? Eliminate your fear of the dark by trying out a high-powered Sanguan Thumb II Lumen USB Light for only $89. Is your grip starting to wear down? We've got multiple options for handlebar grips, ranging in price with different colour schemes to match your ride.

8 Simple Ways to Open A Bottle of Beer With A Mountain Bike

By TBS Media 3 years ago 894 Views

Riding your bike is one of the greatest things to do. But sometimes when you reach the end of your shred and are ready to enjoy a nice cold beer, bottle openers aren't always readily accessible. Here are 8 simple ways from Mpora on how you can utilize your bike and riding equipment to open bottles of beer and end your day off right! In case you prefer the conventional method of opening beers, TBS Bike Parts also offers a Wolf Tooth Rotor Truing tool that comes equip with a bottle opener for only $14.50!

Warm Up This Winter With A Wolf Tooth Beanie!

By TBS Media 3 years ago 1430 Views

Just in time for Winter, TBS Bike Parts is now stocking Wolf Tooth Pom Pom Beanies for only $25! Keep your head warm in the cold weather by adding a Wolf Tooth Beanie to your next order. Spend less and ride the best with TBS.