Craigieburn Enduro Race 2014 in New Zealand; A Riders Perspective

Megan Rose participated in an enduro race last weekend in New Zealand and here’s her write-up about it:


“I went to Craigieburn a few weeks back with a bunch of friends to just ride and scout the trails as a potential location for the 5 day Trans NZ Enduro race that I am putting on there next summer and had such an amazing four days.


So the race last weekend, I was doing the timing for it, and it’s club run so I like to help out where I can with course marking and registration, etc. They lacked volunteers, so I had to put out my timing devices as we started the race, which meant I was in the first shuttles and had to stay ahead of a pack of 165 riders with no one allowed to pass me until stage 3 when at that point all the timing devices were set up for the rest of the 6 stage course.  So needless to say with people like Justin Leov in the group it was pretty stressful trying to keep ahead of all these riders and trying to time myself as I descended the timed stages while people are calling me on the radio every few minutes!!


All in all it was a fantastic day out riding, but I wasn’t really in race mode for myself and for sure rode those trails much faster a few weeks back when I was just there riding with the guys! The riding there is so fantastic and the views just as good. We got a few shuttles included in the race but it was still a 4hr day out on the bike, a real perfect mix. The line-up of riders was very impressive and the women’s field proved to be strong as well.”


Megan finished 5th in her category and had some photos to share from the scouting mission she did a few weeks ago. See her photos below.


For photos of the race event, check out this article:












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