Easton Havoc Stem Makes Dirt Magazines Top 100

The mountain bike industry has shown that running larger wheels, wider bars and shorter stems isn’t a trend so much as it’s an evolution in bike technology that is here to stay.  Bikes with longer top tubes have proven to be more comfortable to ride, put the rider in the proper position to attack climbs and help overcome obstacles without compromising balance.  Riding a longer frame allows a rider to use a shorter stem which in turn makes the bike more lively when descending as well as easier to manoeuver through technical sections of trail.


Dirt Magazine has chosen its list of top one hundred products of 2014, and the Easton Havoc stem made the cut. Dirt Magazine “love[s] this Havoc stem because so often we find it is the key to unleashing a bike’s full potential.” TBS Bike Parts is proud to offer you the Havoc stem in standard and bolt-on versions at the best price on the market, guaranteed.