CushCore Plus 29″ Puncture Protection Set


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CushCore Plus 29" Puncture Protection Set CA$229.95
CushCore absorbs shock, stops deflection of obstacles, reduces vibration, and stabilizes the tire against roll and squirm. Think of it as suspension for your tires designed to give you a faster, smoother ride.

CushCore is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a mountain bike tire. It divides the inner volume of the tire in half, with air underneath the tread and the CushCore insert next to the rim. This system is designed to be used with tubeless-ready or tubeless converted mountain bike rims and tires. CushCore is compatible with tubeless tire sealants.

Features – Puncture Protection Set

  • Compatible with your current tubeless tires and rims
  • Weighs about as much as a standard butyl inner tube
  • Inserts are extremely durable
  • CushCore prevents the tire from bottoming out against the rim in the event of a violent impact
  • Reduces the shock and vibration transmitted to the rider, eliminates rim strikes, and makes big, sharp hits disappear
  • 50% reduction in vertical impact force
  • 77% reduction in lateral vibrations
  • 58% reduction in longitudinal vibrations
  • CushCore adds lateral stability by exerting a constant outward pressure against the tire sidewalls

Product features

  • Use: Downhill, Enduro
  • Tire width:
    • Size: 2.6 – 3.0″
  • Inner rim width:
    • Size: 32 mm – 45 mm

Rim Diameter

  • 29″


  • grey

Weight (manufacturer information)

  • 29″: 330g


  • 2 CushCore Inserts
  • 2 CushCore Tubeless Air Valves


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