DMR DeathGrip Flanged Thin Lock-On Grips (Tango)


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DMR DeathGrip Flanged Thin Lock-On Grips (Tango) CA$39.95
Brendog Death Grip Lock-On Grips – 29.8 mm (thin)

The DMR Brendog Death Grip Lock-On grips are the result of the second collaboration between DMR Bikes and Brendog. DMR developed the inwardly tapered single core and Brendog contributed the super-soft Kraton rubber compound. The result was the ultimate grip that works on all bikes, both All Mountain and Downhill.

Features – Deathgrip

  • Brendan Fairclough Signature Lock-On Handle with Flange
  • Internally tapered
  • Soft kraton rubber compound
  • Three-piece grip pattern: waffle, diamond, mushroom
  • Sturdy closed ends for crashes and as transport protection

Product features

  • Use: Downhill, All Mountain
  • Material: Kraton
  • Clamping: Internal clamping
  • Diameter: 29.8 mm (thin)


  • Orange Tango A20/soft


  • 100g per pair (manufacturer information)


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