Shimano H03A Resin Saint / Zee Brake Pads

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No spring or clip included.

One unit = One brake

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Shimano H03A Resin Saint / Zee Brake Pads CA$49.95 Original price was: CA$49.95.CA$44.95Current price is: CA$44.95.
  • Resin pads: Make less noise than sintered metal pads and offer better modulation
  • Radiator fin: Provides long pad life and less fade by cooling technology
  • Group: SAINT, ZEE, XT 4 Piston, SLX 4 Piston
  • Compatible for: BR-M820, BR-M640, , BR-M8020. (BR-M8120 and BR-M7120 will work but the pads will stick out of the caliper a bit)
  • Material: Resin
  • Radiator Fin: Yes
  • Surface form: Type H (= narrow)
  • Modulation: High (5 of 5)
  • Performance: Above average (4 of 5)
  • Durability: Above average (4 of 5)
  • Anti-fading: Above average (4 of 5)
  • Quiet: High (5 of 5)
  • No Packaging included


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