The Evolution of Shimano XTR

Shimano leverages its 22 years of engineering leadership producing the industry’s highest performing mountain bike component group. Inspired by the versatility and capability of today’s riders and the terrain they tackle, M9100 offers refined and tested solutions engineered for the way they ride.

The original Shimano XTR released in 1992.

Fast forward over 25 years...

The bad news? You are going to have to wait until Fall 2018, although we suspect we’ll see this stuff show up on new bikes sooner than that.

It’s been obvious that SRAM has been grabbing market share from Shimano at the high end of the market. Instead of copying SRAM’s simple approach to a single drivetrain for all bikes, Shimano continues to offer a huge range of options. The question is: do riders want options or do they want one choice that does a fine job almost everywhere? This new XTR is trying to be a lot of things to a lot of different riders, and the geeks among us will love the details I didn’t have the time to write about. With the unexpected resurgence of XC bike this year, that gram saving 11-speed cassette might be more popular than I ever would have expected.

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