Video: Bas van Steenbergen at Silver Star V2

Enjoy watching the latest video of TBS Bike Parts rider Bas van Steenbergen as he shows us what riding the Silver Star Bike Park is all about. Another great video by TBS Bike Parts videographer Harrison Mendel! Keep up the great work guys!


“Silver Star is definitely the place that I’ve ridden my bike more than anywhere else, it’s actually the place I rode some downhill for the very first time as well. Over the years it’s cool to see the bikepark progress, they’ve added a bunch of new trails and it really seems to be taking off. Doing this project was pretty awesome, the trail crew took us out a couple of times early in the morning to get some good light and then the business manager would pick us up in the evenings. It’s awesome to have such a cool group of people all around the mountain that are completely dedicated to making this bike park a success. The trail crew always seems to be stoked on feedback and will actually use it to improve their trails. We got to film a new trail in progress, Jedi Mind Tricks, and its going to be a good one! I always truly love riding this place and I hope this video shows it.” – Bas van Steenbergen