Video: Vienna Air King 2014 Is Less Than One Week Away

The Vienna Air King competition is only a few days away and set to take place on April 5th-6th in Austria’s capital city.  The Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour ranks the season’s freeride/slopestyle contests as either diamond, gold, silver or bronze, with higher point values being given to the more illustrious events.  The contest in Vienna is ranked as the fourth silver level contest of the year, but nonetheless brings out top talent every year as riders are eager to come out and score some points for their FMB World Tour ranking.


This year the event will see 20 riders from 10 different countries display their skills in the heart of the city where an estimated 120,000 visitors will watch the contest and visit the large bike exhibition that takes place simultaneously over the course of the weekend.


Want a taste of what’s to come?  Have a look at this: 



Stay tuned for the results!