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Video: Afternoon Ride at Myra-Bellevue

By TBS Media 2 days ago 11 Views

Enjoy this short drone video of Dylan Decker, Matt Demelo, and Justin Larter as they ride some trails in the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park.

Bike Big White - Black Mamba POV

By TBS Media 18 days ago 98 Views

Bike park season may be over for the year, but that doesn't mean we can't look back on the good times we had this past Summer. Enjoy this GoPro POV video of one of our favourite new trails at Big White, Black Mamba!

Product Review - Raceface Half Nelson

By Cody Decker 1 month ago 160 Views

When it comes to enjoying riding your bike and reducing fatigue I find that grips play a significant role. My own personal riding style is a weekend warrior. Ill go out on nice days for a ride on either my endure bike or do some laps on the dh bike. Both of which I have Raceface’s half nelson grips and these grips by far are a life changer.

Box Components Launches New 'Box Two' Drivetrain & Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage

By Dylan Decker 2 months ago 254 Views

TBS is currently finalizing product lines for the upcoming riding season and has plans to stock Box Components for the 2019 season. We will keep everyone posted as soon as we get an ETA on product arrival. We are super excited Box Components is one of the first manufactures to offer a lifetime warranty on drivetrain products. The plan is to carry the full line of 7 speed and 11 speed products as well as their handlebars.

Our Take – DH vs Trail Bike

By Cody Decker 2 months ago 224 Views

The age of debate on which is better a DH or trail bike. Well that more often than not depends of the location in which you are riding your bike. Having our company based in the Okanagan we have some of the best riding available in every discipline. From shuttles to trail ride we have it all, so which bike is best for us?

Getting Your Brakes to Feel like Money

By Cody Decker 3 months ago 385 Views

There is nothing worse then spongy brakes that pull right to the bar in my opinion or brake levers that just don’t feel as firm as they should. But have no fear as there is a quick easy fix that I like to use on all my bikes to keep the brakes feeling nice and crisp. First of all though we need to know why the brake lever feel has deteriorated, micro air bubbles are usually what is to blame...

Tube Vs. Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires

By TBS Media 3 months ago 248 Views

Tubeless tires are gaining popularity with more and more riders these days. Car tires made the switch to tubeless eons ago, so it’s not surprising to see the same shift happening in the bike industry.

In order to have a tire without a tube, you need the tire's bead to lock onto the rim. You also need the tire, rim and seated valve stem to be absolutely airtight.

The Evolution of Shimano XTR

By TBS Media 4 months ago 369 Views

Shimano leverages its 22 years of engineering leadership producing the industry’s highest performing mountain bike component group. Inspired by the versatility and capability of today’s riders and the terrain they tackle, M9100 offers refined and tested solutions engineered for the way they ride.

How to Set up a Mountain Bike for a Bike Park

By TBS Media 4 months ago 464 Views

A question we frequently get asked at TBS is "...but can I ride Bike Park on it?' Our answer is always yes! Definitely in fact! Typical mountain bikes are super capable and are right at home on anything from alpine singletrack to a full blown downhill bike park! However, there are always changes that you can make to your set up to optimise your bike for the rough and unforgiving nature of a bike park! Without realising it, you'll ride more distance and rough terrain on your bike in a day than you would on a good 3 or 4 trail rides! So make sure your bike is ready to deal with that!

How to - Keep Your Shifting Game on Par

By Cody Decker 4 months ago 501 Views

Depending on what type of biking you engage in the need for crisp clean shifting is necessary. However, shifting is often over looked by most people until it is to late. By that time cables and housing are full of dust, grit, rust and sand causing severe friction in the lines making shifting quality poor and excess wear on shifters and derailleurs.