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Maxxis May Sale - Best Prices of the Year on Maxxis Tires

By TBS Media 4 months ago 921 Views

Our Maxxis May Sale is back again and the prices are better than ever for 27.5, and 29" tires! We are once again offering an even greater discount if you purchase tires in increments of 4 or more.

Product Review - Race Face Half Nelson Grips

By Cody Decker 5 months ago 928 Views

When it comes to enjoying riding your bike and reducing fatigue I find that grips play a significant role. My own personal riding style is a weekend warrior. I'll go out on nice days for a ride on either my endure bike or do some laps on the DH bike. Both of which I have Race Face's Half Nelson Grips and these grips by far are a life changer.

Video: Old School Skinnies at Powers Creek

By Trevor Tuck 6 months ago 681 Views

The Powers Creek trail network in Kelowna, B.C has been around since the late 90's and is known for its great downhill trails that have an abundance of man-made wooden features. Here are a few short GoPro clips of Trevor Tuck as he rides some of the more old school skinnies found at Powers Creek...

Maxxis Tires - The Complete Guide to Everything Maxxis

By Dylan Decker 6 months ago 430 Views

Like most tire brands, Maxxis uses a lot of technologies that all have their own special names. It can be a very confusing for the average mountain biker, so let’s dig in and figure out what everything means.

Our Take - Shimano Saint vs Zee Brakes

By Cody Decker 7 months ago 873 Views

So, are you interested in a Shimano brake set but don’t know which one to get? Well, here is our take on the Saint vs Zee debate. Let’s start off with Zees. I have a set of Zees on my Transition TR500 and before even giving them a chance I was already a little skeptical....

Guide to Winter Biking: Essential Equipment for the Off-Season

By Steven McCusker 8 months ago 313 Views

Whether you live high up in the Northern hemisphere or are just looking to get a regular ride in this winter, we've got you covered. For all but the most hardcore of Northern winter-bred folk, the cold and snow used to mean locking the bike away in a dusty garage for several months while you await the thaw

Our Take – DH vs Trail Bike

By Cody Decker 1 years ago 453 Views

The age of debate on which is better a DH or trail bike. Well that more often than not depends of the location in which you are riding your bike. Having our company based in the Okanagan we have some of the best riding available in every discipline. From shuttles to trail ride we have it all, so which bike is best for us?

Getting Your Brakes to Feel like Money

By Cody Decker 1 years ago 560 Views

There is nothing worse then spongy brakes that pull right to the bar in my opinion or brake levers that just don’t feel as firm as they should. But have no fear as there is a quick easy fix that I like to use on all my bikes to keep the brakes feeling nice and crisp. First of all though we need to know why the brake lever feel has deteriorated, micro air bubbles are usually what is to blame...

Tube Vs. Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires

By TBS Media 1 years ago 837 Views

Tubeless tires are gaining popularity with more and more riders these days. Car tires made the switch to tubeless eons ago, so it’s not surprising to see the same shift happening in the bike industry.

In order to have a tire without a tube, you need the tire's bead to lock onto the rim. You also need the tire, rim and seated valve stem to be absolutely airtight.

The Evolution of Shimano XTR

By TBS Media 1 years ago 680 Views

Shimano leverages its 22 years of engineering leadership producing the industry’s highest performing mountain bike component group. Inspired by the versatility and capability of today’s riders and the terrain they tackle, M9100 offers refined and tested solutions engineered for the way they ride.