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Bike Part Brands

We stock the top mtb bike part brands so you can feel confident in your purchase and your ride. If you don’t see a brand you’re looking for, no problem. Contact us and we’ll set you up with a special order. Special orders usually come in within 12-15 business days.  Learn more about the bike part brands we carry below, or shop our full inventory. Spend less. Ride the best. 

Avid Brakes

Avid BrakesAvid Brakes

Avid brakes are designed to allow you to remain in control regardless of the riding conditions you’re in. Their company motto is "Small Details. Big Difference." Wherever you are and whatever your riding style, Avid has a product that allows you to ride confidently and in control.

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Easton Bike PartsEaston Bike Parts

Easton Cycling produces top-quality bike parts for one reason—to make bikes better. Everything they do is based on performance. Not only they have embraced new material and created new technologies but also introduced industry standards. In addition to making your ride smoother, Easton bike parts aim at making your bike last longer. As result of all the constant efforts to improve, Easton Cycling is the leader in composite design, engineering and manufacturing for the bicycle industry. They deliver a full range of carbon and aluminum wheel sets and components to manufacturers and riders globally.

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KMC Chains

KMC Bike Chains KMC Chains

KMC Chain has consistently devoted itself to the production of premium bike  chains for over three decades. Whether for 9, 10 or 11 speed drivetrains, KMC offers a wide array of chain options for every budget and every level of performance.

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Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Mountain Bike Tires Maxxis tires

Maxxis are known over the world as a leading manufacturer of high-end tires. They’ve gained this reputation by setting high quality and performance benchmarks for mountain bike tires. In other words, the team at Maxxis has been revolutionary in their approach with tire compounds and tread designs. They take pride in catering to riders’ needs regardless of the terrain they ride, the level of competition they ride at, or the wheel size choices they make.

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RockShox Forks

RockShox Forks Rockshox forks

RockShox has been at the forefront of the suspension technology game for a long time. Due to their involvement in World Cup-level racing, even an everyday user is able to benefit from rapid technological advancements and refinements. From advanced damping cartridges to simple and effective axle designs, Rock Shox has a product to meet every rider's needs.

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Schwalbe Tires

Schwalbe Tires

Offering a huge selection with everything from commuter to cross country all the way to downhill tires, the traditional German brand has got the right tool for the job. Across all the mountain bike tyres we tested, the Schwalbe options consistently measured wider than their stated size. We found that a 2.35″ Schwalbe tire was usually just as wide as a 2.4″ from other brands.

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Shimano Bike Parts

Shimano Bike Parts Shimano bike parts

Shimano is the pioneer in bicycle drivetrain manufacturing. Ever since the early 1960’s, they have strived to combine pure performance and advanced technology with sleek and sharp designs. As a result, Shimano has been able to come up with light, strong and extremely dependable products. Shimano offers a range of products that benefit from the trickle-down of advances and developments in their high-end parts that are pushed to the limits by the planet’s top athletes.

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SRAM Bike Parts

SRAM Bike Parts SRAM bike parts

SRAM revolutionized the bike industry with the release of GripShift technology nearly 20 years ago. Today, they continue to push the envelope by offering shifting systems that integrate state-of-the-art materials and technology. As a result, they are constantly bringing high performing and durable components to the masses.

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Truvativ Bike Parts Truvativ Bike Parts

From cranks to handlebars and stems, Truvativ offers you an incredibly wide range of products to give you control, balance, comfort and durability. Truvativ offers X-Glide technology on their drivetrain parts. As a result, the riders can experience a smoother and more efficient ride and a more responsive bike.

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Wolf Tooth Components

Wolf Tooth Components Wolf Tooth Chainrings

Based in Minnesota, USA, Wolf Tooth Components proudly manufactures all of their components in their home state. The team at Wolf Tooth focuses on chainrings and drivetrain parts that accommodates all major brands and sizes. Beyond keeping it local, they pride themselves on having refined designs and using highest quality materials. In other words, rider's satisfaction and superior quality is of top notch importance to them.

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