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Rockshox Buttercups Fork Technology Overview

RockShox ButterCups are a technology designed to improve the performance of mountain bike suspension. They are small, rubberized components integrated into the suspension system to reduce high-frequency vibrations transmitted through the bike. RockShox ButterCups were introduced in 2022 as part of RockShox’s updated suspension lineup. This release included enhancements aimed at improving performance and rider […]

Everything You Need to Know About Rockshox Debonair+

The RockShox DebonAir+ is an advanced air spring technology used in RockShox suspension forks and rear shocks. It’s designed to provide a smoother and more responsive ride by increasing the initial sensitivity and support throughout the travel. Here are some key features: What Does an Air Spring Do? The primary function of an air spring […]

15 Mountain Bike Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that can be enhanced with the right accessories. While many riders are familiar with the basics, there are some lesser-known accessories that can significantly improve your riding experience. Here are 15 mountain bike accessories you didn’t know you needed: 1. Tubeless Tire Conversion Kit Why You Need It: Reduces […]

5 Tips to Maintain Your Mountain Bike

5 Tips to Maintain Your Mountain Bike: Maintaining your mountain bike is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to a better riding experience, safety, and longevity of your bike. Here are five essential tips to help you maintain your mountain bike and keep it in top condition: 1. Regular Cleaning Tip: After every […]

Rockshox Charger 3 vs. Charger 3.1

Rockshox Charger 3 vs. Charger 3.1: The RockShox Charger 3 and Charger 3.1 are both damper technologies used in RockShox suspension forks, specifically designed to improve the riding experience by offering better control, adjustability, and performance. Here are the key differences and features of each: RockShox Charger 3 RockShox Charger 3.1 Key Differences In need […]

New 2025 Rockshox Zeb Forks Now Available

Last week Rockshox released their suspension lineup for 2025 with a handful of changes and refinements. Part of their new lineup included a new Zeb fork, and we are stocking them in both black and red in 170mm. Take a look below at some of the specs and features of the new forks, or click […]

Continental DH Casing vs. Enduro Casing

Continental DH Casing vs. Enduro Casing. Continental is a well-known German manufacturer of mountain bike tires and they offer a range of tires tailored to different terrains, riding styles, and conditions. In the following article we are going to compare two of their more popular casings, the downhill (DH) casing and the enduro casing. When […]

Why You Should Maintain Your Mountain Bike

Why You Should Maintain Your Mountain Bike: Maintaining your mountain bike is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to a better riding experience, safety, and longevity of your bike. Here are some key reasons why you should prioritize regular maintenance: 1. Safety Why: Properly maintained bikes are safer to ride. Explanation: Regular checks […]

Why You Should Use a Dropper Post On Your MTB

Why you should use a dropper post on your MTB: Using a dropper post on your mountain bike can significantly enhance your riding experience by providing greater control, comfort, and versatility. Here are several reasons why you should consider using a dropper post: 1. Improved Descending Control Lower Center of Gravity: A dropper post allows […]

How to Choose the Right MTB Dropper Post

How to choose the right MTB dropper post: Choosing the right mountain bike (MTB) dropper post involves several considerations to ensure it fits your bike and meets your riding needs. Here’s a guide to help you select the right dropper post: 1. Determine Seatpost Diameter Measure Your Seat Tube: Check the diameter of your current […]

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