TBS Bike Parts’ Featured Product is the 2013 Rock Shox Reverb Adjustable Seat Post

The Rock Shox Reverb Adjustable Seat post is at the top of its class. This high performance seat post allows the rider to adjust the height of the post, both up or down, with just the touch of a switch while on the move.

Perfect for any rider who rides trails with steep climbs followed by rapid descents; instead of having to get off the bike to adjust manually, the seat post does all the work for you, without missing a bump, turn or beat!




The Reverb Adjustable Seat post has 125mm of infinitely-adjustable travel; with both 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters available, this seat post will fit almost any rider’s needs.

The total length of the seat post is 380mm and is equipped with the MatchMaker X compatible remote lever for maximum performance.

Incredible value - Incredible performance.

Buy now for the discounted TBS sale price of $299 while supplies last.